Zastava M93 Black Arrow
Country of origin

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Serbia and Montenegro





Year(s) designed

1993 to 1998

Production began


Weapon type

Sniper rifle
Anti-materiel rifle


.50 BMG


Manually-operated, bolt-action

Overall length

1,670 mm (65.75 inches) (DShK variant)
1,510 mm (59.45 inches) (Browning variant)

Barrel length

1,000 mm (DSHK variant)
840 mm (Browning variant)


16 kg (35.27 lb) (DShK variant)
14.5 kg (31.97 lb) (Browning variant)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5-round detachable box magazine

Used by

Serbia and more

The M93 Long Range Rifle Black Arrow (Serbian: Црна Стрела, Crna Strela) is a modern sniper rifle developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms of Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia. The M93 Black Arrow is designed on the basis of the Mauser system, which was, during its one hundred-year long combat history, proved to be the most accurate and most reliable bolt-action system.

The primary purpose of this rifle is long range engagement of hardly visible targets and due to that, it is provided only with an optical sight, which is included in the rifle set (8x magnification with the division up to 1800m). Its mount can accept the sights of other manufacturers as well.

Members of the family were tested in numerous operations fought in both Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in extreme conditions.

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