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Zastava Arms
Country of Origin



Kragujevac, Serbia

Year of Founding

October 27, 1853

Key People

Milojko Brzaković

Weapon Types


Notable Products

M76, M93

Area(s) served


Zastava Arms is a Serbian firearms manufacturer that was founded in 1853, Kragujevac, Serbia.

Firearms Edit

Pistols Edit

Assault rifles Edit

  • Zastava M64: Copy of the AK-47.
  • Zastava M70: Copy of the AKM. The difference between the M70 and the AKM is that the M70 has three holes on both sides of the handguard and the AKM has two holes on both sides of the handguard.

Sniper rifles Edit

  • Zastava M76: Own design.
  • Zastava M91: Own design. While it resembles the M91 more than its predecessor, it is based on an elongated AK-47 platform and not based on the SVD.

General-purpose machine guns Edit

  • Zastava M53: Copy of the MG42
  • Zastava M84: Copy of the PK. The difference between the M84 and the PK is that the M84's stock is not hollowed out.