Enfield XL73E2
Enfield XL73E2
Country of origin

United Kingdom


RSAF Enfield

Year(s) designed


Weapon type

Light machine gun




Gas operated

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

30 rounds

Cyclic rate

850 rounds per minute

Maximum effective range

500 metres

The XL73E2 was a prototype light machine gun designed by RSAF Enfield.


The XL73E2 was a similar design to the earlier XL65 LSW; it was a modified assault rifle with a longer barrel and bipod. Like the XL65 LSW, it did not have a quick-change barrel and retained the 30-round magazine of the assault rifle variant, which made it an impractical light support weapon. It performed poorly in certain conditions, and so it was improved as the L86 Light Support Weapon, but even then it did not gain a quick-change barrel or extended magazine.

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