Winchester Model 1907
Country of origin

United States



Weapon type

Semi automatic rifle


.351 WSL



Overall length


Barrel length




Magazine/Cylinder capacity

15/20 rounds

Cyclic rate


The Winchester Model 1907 is a blowback-operated, semi-automatic rifle produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company made from 1906 to 1958. It was fed from a 5 or 10-round capacity, detachable box magazine located immediately forward of the trigger guard. The only cartridge offered by Winchester as a factory chambering in the Model 1907 was the .351SL centerfire. The energy of this cartridge approximates the modern .357 Magnum when fired from a rifle.

The French government initially ordered 300 Model 1907 rifles in October 1915 from Winchester, soon followed by an order for 2,500 more rifles. Ammunition orders for these rifles exceeded 1.5 million cartridges of .351SL before 1917. Subsequent orders in 1917 and 1918 totaled 2,200 Model 1907 rifles. According to factory records, these rifles were modified for fully automatic fire and fitted with Lee-Navy rifle bayonets. These rifles were designated by the name of Winchester Model 1907/17, they used either a 15-round magazine or 20-round magazine and fired from 600 to 700 rounds per minute.

An unusual SMG conversion was the Cuban Winchester. It was made from various firearms and interchangeable with .30 Carbine and .45 ACP calibres and accurate up to 25 yards chambered in the 9x19mm round fed from a 32 round Luger snail drum magazine.


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