AMADEO ROSSI - Lever Action .45 Colt

The Winchester 1894 is one of Winchester's most popular lever action rifles, Designed by famous gun designer John Browning in 1894 chambered for .44-40, .38 Special and .357 Magnum. It was the first rifle of its time to use Smokless powder. The rifle was bigger than the previous Winchester 1892 but the rifle was smaller than John Browning's earlier rifle - the model 1886. The gun became a favorite for hunters as a deer rifle. When President Eisenhower was elected, Winchester presented him with a engraved 1894. Even as Winchester discontinued the model 1892 in the 1930's the 1894 still ran in production, then in 2007 well after 100 years of producing the rifles the last 1894's left the factory. However, in 2010 Winchester began producing the famous lever action rifle once again.

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