Walther PPS
Walther PPS
Country of origin




Production began


Weapon type

Semi-automatic pistol


Double action only

Barrel length

81 millimeters

Weight empty

19.4 ounces


4 3/8 inches

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

6-8 rounds

The Walther PPS is a German semi-automatic pistol.


The PPS was first seen at the 2007 IWA Exhibition in Germany.


The PPS was proposed as a more powerful replacement for a venerable Walther PPK pistol, which was created in 1931. The PPS is available in 2 calibers 9x19mm Parabellum also known as 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. The PPS has a 3.2-inch barrel and measures 6.3 inches in overall length. For better concealment, the PPS frame and slide measure a thin .91 inches thick except for the slide stop where it is 1.04 inches (26.4mm) in total width thanks to its single-stack magazine. The 9mm model has an empty weight of 19.4 ounces and is packaged with a six and a seven-round magazine. Manufactured with distinctive Walther features like the patented QuickSafe™ technology, a variety of magazine capacities and two different backstrap sizes, the Walther PPS is well-suited for personal protection. The striker fired action PPS is standard with a flat slide stop lever, a picatinny-style accessory rail and a 3-dot low profile contoured sight. With three magazines of different lengths available along with alternate backstrap sizes, the PPS grip length and size can be adjusted to almost any hand.

A key safety feature of the PPS is the incorporation of Walther’s QuickSafe technology. By simply removing the backstrap from the frame, the striker assembly is de-cocked and the pistol is incapable of firing. Additional standard features on the PPS include a loaded chamber indicator located on top of the slide along with a red marked cocking indicator on the rear of the slide that provides the user with a visual reference that the striker is in the cocked position.

PPS pistol is designed and based on the Walther P99 design, and adapted for concealment. The PPS was designed to have a similar size to the PPK. The pistol is a striker-fired design where you cock the striker as part of the trigger stroke.

The PPS is short recoil operated, and locked breech pistol that uses a modified Browning-type locking with a tilting barrel. It's frame is made from a impact-resistant polymer. The trigger is of Double Action Only type, striker-fired, with pre-cocked striker system, similar to QA system used in the P99. This system requires manual re-cocking in the case of misfire.

Magazines for PPS pistol are single-stack, and are available in three sizes: 6-round, 7-round and 8-round (extended). The .40 caliber magazines hold one less and are 5-round, 6-round and 7-round. The iron sights are low-profile, white 3-dot with a drift adjustable rear sight for windage and factory night sights are available.

First EditionEdit

Walther PPS First Edition

The "First Edition" PPS

A Limited Edition variant of the Walther PPS, the "First Edition", is of limited production; only 1,000 of these were made, and only in 9mm. It comes in an aluminum case with night sights. Three magazines are included; a 6-round, 7-round and 8-round.

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