Walther A115
Country of origin

Nazi Germany




Karl August Braüning

Year(s) designed

Before the 1940s

Number built

Reportedly 3

Weapon type

Semi-automatic rifle


7.92×57mm Mauser


Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

10-round detachable box magazine

Maximum effective range

1200 meters (3937 feet)

The Walther A115 is a prototype German semi-automatic rifle.


The A115 was a prototype rifle developed by Walther. It never took off, though the design evolved into the MkB 42(W). Only three rifles were reportedly made; two are known to exist, with one being in the Bundeswehr Military History Museum.

Design DetailsEdit

The rifle is composed of three different parts stuck together using rivets or pins. The rifle uses an odd annular gas piston with a rotating bolt. The receiver is made of stamped steel.


  • The magazine of the Walther A115 is featured in the video game Call of Duty: WWII. It is incorrectly depicted as being used with the Walther automatic shotgun.

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