Victory Arms MC5
Victory Arms MC5
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Victory Arms Ltd.

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type




10mm Auto

.38 Super

.41 Action Express

.45 ACP


Short recoil

Barrel length


149mm (long-barreled variant)



Magazine/Cylinder capacity

17 (9mm)

12 (10mm, .41 AE)

10 (.45 ACP)

The MC5 is a handgun designed and manufactured by British firearms company Victory Arms Ltd.


The design of the MC5 is similar to the popular Czech Cz 75 pistol. The man behind the design was David E. Smith AKA Victory Arms Co. It is a commercial handgun that was available in a variety of calibres, including 9x19mm, .38 Super and .45 ACP. The frame was available in alloy or stainless steel. It also has adjustable illuminated sights.

Victory Arms started manufacturing MC5 pistols in the UK in 1987, but manufacture moved to the USA shortly afterwards. Victory Arms sold the design to Magnum Research, Inc., but manufacture was still extremely limited. Only a few hundred MC5 pistols were thought to be made.

Since the Firearms Act 1997 was enforced in the UK, only one of these pistols is known to exist; the rest were presumably destroyed by the police. It was put up for auction in December 2013 with a valuation of £2000 - £3000, along with a Victory Arms Ltd. prospectus and company tie.

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