The Venus 22-2, also known as the S.A. Policarpa Saturn 22-2[1][2], is an American twin-barreled machine pistol.


The 22-2 has a developmental history that can be traced back to 1925. The weapon was designed by Heinrich von Wimmersperg and originally marketed as the Venus 22-2 by The Venus Corporation based in Utica, Michigan.

Production of the weapon later moved to Colombia due to a lack of demand in the United States, with the weapon now being marketed as the S.A. Policarpa Saturn 22-2; the weapon was produced in small numbers and apparently used by clandestine forces in some numbers.

Clones of the 22-2 are believed to have been produced in Mexico.[2]

Design detailsEdit

The 22-2 is a double-barreled machine pistol which uses the principle of blowback to fire its rounds. The weapon's bolt has two firing pins. The weapon has a very high rate of fire of about 5000 RPM.[2]

It is said that "a rare an unusual suppressor" can be used with the weapon, but this is unconfirmed. The weapon appears to have provisions for fully-automatic fire only, with the switch on the right of the weapon appearing to act as a safety.


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