VIS Warszawa
Country of Origin



Warsaw, Poland


Maksymilian Gerlach, Edward Pulst

Year of Founding


Year of Closure






Famous Firearms

kb ppanc wz. 35, Mors submachine gun

VIS Warszawa (formerly known as Towarzystwo Akcyjne Fabryki Maszyn Gerlach i Pulst, Państwowa Fabryka Karabinów (also known as Fabryka Karabinów), Fabryka Wyrobów Precyzyjnych im. gen. Świerczewskiego, Fabryka Wyrobów Precyzyjnych VIS S.A. and FWP VIS S.A.) was a Polish firearms company.


Originally set up in the mid-1800s by Wilhelm Gerlach, his son Maksymilian inherited their workshop at Srebrna Street in 1886, and started VIS Warszawa, then known as Towarzystwo Akcyjne Fabryki Maszyn Gerlach i Pulst. Most of their assets were dismantled at the end of World War I by the retreating Russians. However, the company regained their assets, and by 1930, the company, known as Państwowa Fabryka Karabinów (State Rifle Factory), or FK at the time, were one of the biggest arms producers in Poland at the time. At the close of World War II, FK's equipment was seized by the Germans, with most equipment demolished; the company was also renamed to Fabryka Wyrobów Precyzyjnych im. gen. Świerczewskiego (General Świerczewski Precision Machinery Factory). By 1986, the company was renamed VIS Warszawa, and by 2010, went bankrupt and sold off all their assets. The area where the VIS company used to stand is now occupied by a residential district.


When known as Fabryka Karabinów, VIS Warszawa produced many firearms for the Polish market, such as the wz. 39 submachine gun, the kb ppanc wz. 35 and a lot of aerial machine guns, meant to be shot from planes.


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