Country of origin




Weapon type



12 gauge


Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

2- to 10-round detachable box magazine

The UTAS XTR-12 is a combat shotgun of Turkish origin manufactured by UTAS Defense. It is designed as a weapon for police and civilian use, best suited for tactical work, practical sport shooting and home defense, although it also can be effectively used for hunting like any other 12 gauge shotgun. It is designed with U.S. shooters in mind, who are very familiar with AR-15/AR-10 style rifles, their controls and handling.

The UTAS XTR-12 is based on the AR-10 platform and, in fact, uses an AR-10 style lower receiver which is compatible with DPMS-style accessories. The upper receiver of the XTR-12 is a proprietary design, which is compatible with AR-10 DPMS-style lower receivers. Therefore, XTR-12 can be easily converted from shotgun to rifle configuration and back with use of upper receivers in respective calibers, and appropriate magazines.


The UTAS XTR-12 tactical semi-automatic shotgun is a gas-operated weapon that uses a multi-lug rotating bolt, which engages the barrel extension. It features a short stroke gas piston and a manual gas regulator with two settings. Both upper and lower receivers are made of 7075 T6 forged aluminum alloys. All basic controls (charging handle, safety, magazine release and bolt release) are similar to those of the AR-10/AR-15 rifles. The shotgun is fed from detachable single stack magazines with capacities varying from 2 to 10 rounds; larger capacity magazines will be available as aftermarket options. In basic configuration, XTR-12 shotguns are equipped with a retractable, carbine-type shoulder stock. Other stock types, such as AR-10/AR-15 fixed stocks, can be used with the shotgun. Sighting equipment (iron sights and/or red-dot sights) can be installed on the topside Picatinny rail, which is of the STANAG 4694 NATO Accessory Rail specification.