Norinco Type 80
Country of origin





Mikhail Kalashnikov

Year(s) designed


Production began


Weapon type



Gas operated, open bolt

Overall length

1,192 mm

Barrel length

658 mm


12.6 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Belts in 100/200/250 round boxes

Cyclic rate

700-800 rounds/min

Maximum effective range

1,640 yd

Muzzle velocity

840 m/s

The Type 80 (Chinese: 80式通用机枪) is a general-purpose machine gun manufactured by Norinco in the People's Republic of China, clone of the Russian-made PKM. The machine gun was certified for design finalisation in 1980 and entered the PLA service in the mid-1980s, specifically in 1983. The Type 80 was intended as a successor to the Chinese independently developed Type 67, doing well in tests conducted in the Chengdu Military Region before it was dropped and instead, opted to keep the Type 67 in use. Only a few Type 80s were used in the People's Liberation Army Marine Corps and a modified Type 80, designated as the Type 86 (Chinese: 86式通用机枪), was then accepted by PLA armor units.

Design Edit

The Type 80 chambers and fires the 7.62×54mmR round. It is a gas-operated, air-cooled, belt-fed, fully automatic firearm. It can fire on both the tripod and the foldable bipod on the gas tube below the barrel. Belts are used from 100-round boxes in the light machine gun configurations, and from 200- or 250-round boxes in tripod-mounted applications. The machine gun uses an open iron sight, but can also be fitted with an optical or night-vision sight.

Variants Edit

  • Type 80 - The copy of the PKM, chambered in 7.62×54mmR.
  • Type 86 - Modified version of the original Type 80.
  • CF06 - An export-only version of the Type 80, which is chambered for 7.62 NATO ammunition. A study on creating the CF06 started with an evaluation from July to December 2006 with a prototype review on February 2007. Production started from April to May 2007 before the CF06 was officially formalized in January 2008. It is also known as the CS/LM4 (Chinese: CS/LM 4型通用机枪).