Type 69 RPG
Country of origin






Year(s) designed


Production began


Weapon type

Rocket launcher

The Type 69 RPG is a Chinese copy of the famous RPG-7 developed by the Soviet Union. First introduced in the early 1970s, the Type 69 RPG is still the most common individual anti-tank weapon in service with the PLA. New types of grenade rounds have been developed in the 1980s/90s to meet the requirements of modern battlefield.


One of the most popular anti-tank weapons in the world, being robust, cheap and effective, the Type 69 has been used by many armies around the world. Despite production stopping in the 1980s, the Type 69 is still well liked by guerrilla fighters and the like. As the weapon is slowly being deemed ineffective on the modern battlefield, the Type 69 is slowly being replaced by the PF-89, FHJ-84 and Type 91 grenade launcher in Chinese military service.

Design detailsEdit

Being a clone of the RPG-7, the Type 69 functions identically, but is aesthetically different. The most discernible difference between the RPG-7 and Type 69 RPG is that the Type 69 RPG has only one pistol grip; this makes it more similar in appearance to the prototype RPG-4 than it does the RPG-7. This was to help reduce production costs. With the Type 69-I variant, various improvements to the original Type 69 were made, such as a shorter launch tube and the ability for the launcher to fold in half, akin to the RPG-7D3 paratrooper model.

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