Type 4
Country of origin



Yokosuka Naval Arsenal

Production began


Weapon type

Battle rifle


7.7×58mm Arisaka



Overall length

107.3 cenmeters (42.2 inches)

Barrel length

59 centimeters (23.2 inches)


4.097 kilograms (9.03 pounds)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

10 rounds

Cyclic rate

Semi auto

The Type 4 Rifle (Japanese: 四式自動小銃 Yon-shiki jidousyoujyuu), often referred to as the Type 5, is a Japanese battle rifle. It is most notably a Japanese copy of the American M1 Garand but fed from an internal 10 round magazine and chambered for the Japanese 7.7×58mm Arisaka cartridge.


Where the Garand used an en-bloc clip, the Type 4's internal magazine was charged with two 5-round stripper clips and the rifle also used Japanese style tangent sights. The Type 4 had been developed alongside several other experimental semi automatic rifles. However, none of the rifles entered into service before the end of World War II, with only 250 being made and many others were never assembled. There were several problems with jamming and feed systems, which also delayed its testing.


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