Tatarek rifle
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Edmund Tatarek

Year(s) designed


Weapon type

Automatic rifle


.276 Enfield


Blow forward

Overall length

52.75 inches (134 cm)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5 rounds

The Tatarek rifle (sometimes misspelt Tatarack) was a prototype rifle based on a Pattern 1913 Enfield.


The rifle was entered into British rifle trials at the turn of the century, along with the Bang, Farquhar-Hill and Kretz rifles. However, the Tatarek did not perform well; it was too long, too heavy, too unbalanced in weight, too complicated, and was just a rough conversion. As such, the deciding committee said that the rifle was not fit to be further developed.

Design DetailsEdit

The Tatarek had a very complicated mechanism. The barrel was shrouded by a sleeve which was blown forward about 20 centimeters to cycle the action. The movement of the sleeve would be transferred to a rod and two springs within the forestock, which help open and close the bolt.