Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C.
Country of Origin



Gardone Val Trompia (IT)


Giuseppe Tanfoglio

Year of Founding


Owner(s)/Parent Company

Tanfoglio Brothers

Weapon Types


Notable Products

Super Titan II

Area(s) served


Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C., is an Italian gun manufacturing company. The Tanfoglio company is owned by the Tanfoglio brothers, and it is located in the small town of Gardone Val Trompia, in Italy and is known for its broad sport pistol catalog, one of the widest on the market.

Its weapons are used extensively in sport competitions and for personal defense. Tanfoglio makes approximately 40.000 handguns per year, and exports a lot of its production. Tanfoglio pistols are imported by European American Armory Products.

Tanfoglio Pistols have won almost every worldwide competition in their weapon category and they are popular firearms across Europe; they also are imported into USA and Australia.

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