Country of origin

South Africa


P Steel of Cape Town

Weapon type

Submachine Gun


9x19mm Parabellum


Recoil, open breech

Overall length

800mm/550mm (butt folded)

Barrel length




Magazine/Cylinder capacity

20 round Browning Hi-Power compatable magazines

Cyclic rate

Semi Automatic

Maximum effective range


The TSV is a 9mm machine carbine of South African origin.


The TSV is the result of 14 years extensive bench and field testing and is designed primarily for use by Police and Security organisations. Made from hi tec castings from steel and aluminium, the weapon is the work of P Steel of Cape Town and was designed with the following features: lack of recoil to improve the degree of accuracy with a folding butt, giving compactness while giving its claims is reliability and safety.

All parts are machined to a fine tolerance and the handguard and pistol grip are manufactured from high impact plastic. The weapon has a rate of fire that is capable of delivering 16 aimed shots in 6 seconds, with high degree of accuracy and has a range of up to 200m. The grouping is claimed to be within 25mm at 25m. Left or right ejection systems can be selected by the user and the carbine may be used with the butt extended or folded. The construction of the weapon allows for the following safety factors:

  • Grip or transport safety: Locks the breech block in the forward or rear position and prevents the carbine being cocked or fired unless activated.
  • Rachet safety: Linked to the cocking handle prevents the weapon being fired on premature release of the cocking handle;
  • Applied safety: Lever type disconncts the trigger bar from the rear.


  • Calibre: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Length: 800mm / 550mm (butt folded)
  • Barrel: 270mm
  • Magazine: 20 rounds
  • Sights: Single Point OEG
  • Operation: Recoil, open breech
  • Rate of fire: Semi automatic

Special features

  • Ambidextrous cocking handle/safety/ejection
  • Muzzle attatchment: Muzzle/Flash hider/Grenade launcher
  • Supressor: Optional


  • Armed Forces journal March 1991

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