Korobov tkb517
Country of origin



Delayed Blowback

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

30 rounds

The TKB-517 (Russian:ТКБ-517) assault rifle was designed by Gherman A. Korobov. This rifle was similar externally to the AK-47 but based on the delayed blowback mechanism invented by Pál Király. It turned out to be more reliable and accurate, and easier to produce and maintain.[1] Like the AK series, it was also manufactured with folding stocks, long heavier barrels with bipods forming light support weapons and even a belt-fed variant. Its rejection was because of a greater proficiency with the AK-47 among the Russian military.

The TKB-517 is externally similar to the AK-47 and field-strips similarly, but instead it uses Lever-Delayed Blowback for its operation, slightly reducing recoil and making it more controllable. The receiver is made from pressed steel with laminated wood stock, grip and handguards.

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