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Country of origin

Soviet Union/Russian Federation



Production began


Weapon type

Nordenfelt Gun


7.62 x 39 mm M43



Barrel length


Weight empty

4.3 kilograms

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

90 rounds

Cyclic rate

1,400-1,800 rounds per minute

The TKB-059 3-barreled assault rifle (sometimes designated Pribor-3B) was designed by G.A. Korobov and is the last known derivative of the late 19th century Nordenfelt gun. It was designed to fire in salvos rapidly by combining the ROF to increase accuracy and hitting probability. Each barrel of the TKB-059 fired independently of each other, all from a 90 round magazine. The TKB-059 provided 'near minigun' performance but also to be suitable for a soldier to handle. It uses the 7.62x39mm M43 round but the ammo supply was limited as the weapon is magazine fed. The term MeRoKa (from German Mehrrohrkanone, meaning multi-barrelled gun) can refer to weapons such as the Nordenfelt gun although more commonly used referring to the Spanish CIWS defence system.

The TKB-059 still worked but was also quite hard to control due to the recoil force, cartridge ejection is downwards BEHIND the magazine area as the weapon uses a gas/recoil operaton similar to that used in the AN-94 Abakan assault rifle currently used by Russian special forces. Another variant of the TKB-059 was made from AKM smilar parts to ease production. The TKB-059 would be more practical as a tripod mounted machine gun if its possible to make a belt feed device for it.


The TKB-059(ТКБ-059 in Cyrillic) is a development of the Pribor-3B(прибор-3б in Cyrillic) which means '3B Device'.



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