Super Titan II
Super Titan II
Country of origin



G. Tanfoglio, Magno, Gardone Val Trompia

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

Semi automatic Pistol


.32 ACP, .380, 7.65mm 9x19mm Parabellum



Overall length

178mm (7in)

Barrel length

100mm (3.9in)


0.79kg (28oz)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Eleven, Twelve

The Super Titan II, manufactured by G. Tanfoglio, Magno, Gardone Val Trompia in Italy, was a blowback, semi-automatic pistol, developed for sale in the US under the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Design DevelopmentEdit

Following the 1968 Gun Control Act in the US, the Super Titan II was developed as a semi-automatic as opposed to the previous Titan that Tanfoglio & Sabotti had orginally sold in great numbers, which was a .25 auto.

The Super Titan II utilises either a 11 round magazine (when using .38 rounds) or a 12 round magazine (when using .32 rounds).

The slide resembles the Beretta pistols, which use an open-topped slide. There are also two safety catches, one to lock the firing pin and the other to the trigger (which also doubles as a stripping catch, preventing the gun from being dismantled when the safety is in 'fire'). There is also a magazine safety, as well as a half-cock notch on the hammer.


The Super Titan II uses two different rounds: The .380/9mm short - with 11 rounds in the magazine; or the .32 ACP/7.65mm - with 12 rounds in the magazine.


Exports to America were sold by F.I.E. Corporation in Hialeah, Florida. Official Import and Sales figures are not obtainable for the Super Titan II.

Ian V. Hogg author and former British Army Serviceman writes:

The Super Titan is a reliable and robust workaday pistol

–Ian V. Hogg, Modern Small Arms

The Super Titan II is considered a reliable gun for use as a target pistol aswell as a personal defence weapon. Despite this however, the Super Titan II is a largely unknown firearm, with a small amount of demand and relatively low second-hand price.


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