Country of origin



Sumitomo Heavy Industries

Production began


Weapon type

General Purpose Machine Gun


7.62x51mm NATO


Gas operated

Overall length


Barrel length




Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Belt Feed

Cyclic rate


Maximum effective range


The Sumitomo NTK-62 (62式7.62mm機関銃 Rokuni-shiki Nana-ten-rokuni-miri Kikanjū?) is the standard issue GPMG of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, known as the Type 62 GPMG. Though the Sumitomo Heavy Industries' M249 has largely replaced it in the JGSDF, the weapon still plays a support role as it is still used as a co-axial weapon in various armored vehicles, including tanks and APCs, as well as being a medium support machine gun.


After years of using the Browning M1919A4 as its standard GPMG during the early days of founding the Japan Self-Defense Forces, Sumitomo Heavy Industries had manufactured the NTK-62 GPMG, designed at Nittoku Metal Industry (NTK) by Masaya Kawamura's team. The GPMG was made to meet the requirements of the Japanese Defense Agency. The designation "62" was present due to the fact that first batches of the NTK-62 were made in 1962 after development started in 1954. It was specifically adopted on February 15, 1962, effectively replacing the M1919 Browning machine gun in J.G.S.D.F service.


The Sumitomo NTK-62 is a gas operated machine gun chambered in the 7.62mm NATO cartridge, belt fed with the use of M13 disintegrating links. It has an unusual feed tray as the pivoting lever is above the bolt in the receiver rather than in the feed tray cover found on most machine guns. One can tell the difference between the NTK-62 from the FN MAG by the bipod, barrel, buttstock, and pistol grip as these changes were possibly made to suit Japan Self-Defense Forces' guidelines and standards.


The Type 74 (74式車載7.62mm機関銃 Nanayon-shiki Shasai Nana-ten-rokuni-miri Kikanjū?) is a fixed mount variant for AFV use, including the Type 74, Type 90 and Type 10 MBTs, Mitsubishi Type 89 IFV and the Komatsu Type 87 Reconnaissance Vehicle. It weighs 20.4 kg (45.0 lb), unlike the Type 62 which weighs 10.15 kg (22.4 lb).


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