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Steyr ACR
Country of origin



Steyr Mannlicher

Weapon type

Assault rifle



Overall length

770 millimeters

Barrel length

540 millimeters

Weight empty

3.2 kilograms

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

24 rounds

Maximum effective range

500 m?

The Steyr ACR makes full use of the Bullpup design and Flechette rounds, chambered in 5.56mm. While the Flechette rounds were purported to have greater range and accuracy than a conventional bullet, there were also drawbacks. The Flechette rode in a sabot until it exited the barrel of the weapon. This sabot would exit the muzzle with enough kinetic energy to be a potential hazard to others in the vicinity of the shooter. Other, unspecified flaws were also reported.

The ACR was Steyr's entry for the US Army's Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) program in the late 80's / early 90's. The Steyr ACR was one of the top 4 that were reviewed, but none managed to meet the army's requirement of 100% improvement over the M-16 and therefore none were accepted.

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