Sterling Armament Company
Country of Origin

United Kingdom


Shropshire, England (currently)
Dagenham, England (historically)

Year of Founding

At least 1942 (original company)
April 2016 (modern company)

Year of Closure

1988 (original company)
July 2018 (modern company)


Closed (original company)
Likely bankruptcy (modern company)

Key People

George William Patchett

Weapon Types

Firearms, airguns

Notable Products

Sterling submachine gun, Lanchester submachine gun

Area(s) served


The Sterling Armament Company was a British firearms (later airgun) company.


The company was started in or before 1942 with George William Patchett designing a submachine gun which would later be adopted by the British military as the Sterling submachine gun.

The original company continued its work until its folding in 1988; the company was later reformed in April 2016.[1] The new company appeared to have left its firearms producing roots and appeared to be focused solely on airgun production. The company lost their website domain on 3 July 2018, effectively signaling the shutdown of the company.


The original Sterling Armament Company was known for producing a variety of firearms, most notably the Sterling and Lanchester submachine guns. Sterling has also produced AR-18s, the SAR-87 and even a humorous mockup to mock RSAF Enfield. The company was also known to have produced parts for Jaguar cars.

In its modern incarnation, Sterling was known for producing a variety of airguns, such as the MK-2, TR and H-18.

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