STAR Model PD 2
Star Model PD
Country of origin



STAR Bonifacio Echeverria

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

Semi-automatic Pistol


.45 ACP


Locked breech

Overall length

180mm (7.1in)

Barrel length

100mm (4.0in)


0.71kg (25oz)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Six (+1 in the chamber)

Produced by Star  B. Echeverria in Spain, the STAR Model PD is a pistol, developed as an alternative to the Colt M1911A1 pistol, which has a reputation of being bulky and heavy. Utilizing the same .45 ACP cartridge the Model PD is seen as the closest attempt to a light-weight M1911A1.

Design DevelopmentEdit

The Model PD uses an adjusted version of the Colt-Browning swinging link breech lock, much reduced in size to reduce weight and overall size, with only one interlocking lug holding slide and barrel together. Furthermore the recoil spring and guide rod are a single assembled unit. The frame is built from an aluminium alloy, greatly reducing the weight. These features meant the Model PD weighed only 25oz.

In addition, the Model PD uses an internal plastic buffer to reduce the battering effects of recoil on the alloy frame. This buffer gradually wears with use, and requires replacement after firing around 1000 rounds.


Using the same .45 ACP Cartridge as the Colt M1911A1, the reason being that the Model PD could be seen as a worthy contender to the Colt. However the M1911 has larger 7 (+1 in the chamber) capacity compared to the Model PD which has a 6 (+1 chambered) capacity. 


The Model PD was never adopted as a replacement for the M1911A1 in any forces, police or otherwise. However writer Ian V. Hogg comments:

More difficult to control (than the M1911A1), though it is not uncomfortable to shoot. The PD is a sensible gun for those who need a potent but concealable pistol.

–Ian V. Hogg, Modern Small Arms

The Model PD also has a small following among gun enthusiasts, the older models being greatly desired for their better reliability. More recently the Model PD has faced (or atleast before Star ended its production) competition from Smith & Wesson's SW1911, Ruger's SR1911, Remington's 1911R1 and the Brazillian Taurus PT1911, all of which are considered (by many) to be equal, or superior, to the original M1911.


Modern Small Arms - Ian V. Hogg - Image