Star Model BKM Auto Pistol
Country of origin



STAR Bonifacio Echeverria

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

Semi automatic Pistol


9x19mm Parabellum


Locked Breech

Overall length

178mm (7in)

Barrel length

100mm (3.9in)


0.74kg (26oz)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity


The Star Model BKM Automatic Pistol was a semi-automatic pistol produced by STAR Bonifacio Echeverria from 1972 until 1997 when STAR entered administration. It utilised the 9mm Parabellum, with a magazine capacity of 8 rounds.

Design DevelopmentEdit

Diverting from STAR's previous 9mm automatic pistol line (produced for military purposes) the BKM responded to the growing demand in the US for smaller weapons, which could be concealed for personal defence and, specifically, utilise the 9mm parabellum cartridge.

Using an aluminium alloy used in aircraft manufacture for the frame, combined with the overall length of 7 inches, the BKM only weighed less then 2lbs even when loaded.

The breech locking utilises the Browning-Colt swinging link, the traditional method for pistols. However there is only one locking lug on top of the barrel to engage the slide.


The increasing popularity of the 9mm Parabellum Cartridge in the U.S. meant that the BKM was designed to specifically use this round. Outside of the U.S. the BKM was commonly used with European military 9mm ammunition, hence, the combination of light weight frame and high power round, meant the BKM displayed recoil and muzzle blast that was higher than average.


There are no export/production figures avaliable for the STAR Model BKM Auto Pistol.

Former British Army Serviceman and renowned author Ian V. Hogg writes:

In practical use the BKM delivers great accuracy, giving two to three inch groups at 25 yards quite regularly. Once recoil and noise are mastered, the BKM becomes an extension of the hand, and is well suited to the defensive role.

–Ian V. Hogg, Modern Small Arms (ISBN:0861241231)


Modern Small Arms - Ian V. Hogg

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