Country of origin



Standard mfg

Production began


Weapon type



12 gauge


Pump action



Magazine/Cylinder capacity

14 rounds (7 in each tube)

The DP-12 is a double barrel pump action shotgun.


The DP-12 was introduced around 2015 by Standard Manufacturing, Co., with an MSRP of $1395.00 USD. It was designed to "raise the bar" with an "extraordinary shotgun", and is said to be the first of its kind; a double-barreled, pump-action repeater shotgun. The DP-12 must be shipped to a Licensed Firearms Dealer, and Standard Manufacturing would contact the user for the Federal Firearms License they would like to use for transferring it.

Design DetailsEdit

The DP-12 is a double-barreled pump-action shotgun with two triggers side-by-side. The weapon is quite similar to a Kel-Tec KSG, albeit having two barrels instead of one. Each tube holds 7 shells for a total of 14 shells fed through both tubes, with an additional 2 more shells in the chamber for a total of 16. A QR code is fitted on the stock which can be scanned with a smart device, which downloads the DP-12's user manual along with other information to their device.

Picatinny rails are present on the shotgun, for mounting a wide variety of accessories such as foregrips and red dot sights. The weapon uses Tru-Choke choke tubes, and can be fitted with door breachers if ballistic breaching is required. The weapon is mostly ambidextrous, with an ambidextrous safety and bottom shell ejection. The weapon also has a shell indicator window which the user can peer through to check how many shells are left in a tube.


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