Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR
Smith & Wesson Model 460
Country of origin

United States


Smith & Wesson

Year(s) designed


Production began


Weapon type



.460 S&W Magnum


Double action

Overall length

460mm (18in)

Barrel length

305mm (12in)


2.25kg (4.9lb)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity


The Smith & Wesson Model 460 is an X-frame, double action revolver chambered in Smith & Wesson's own .460 S&W Magnum cartridge. The entire line of Model 460s are commonly referred to as Model 460 XVR, although the XVR is simply an variant of the Model 460.

Design DetailsEdit

The Model 460 is the first Smith & Wesson to be designed for the .460 S&W Magnum, originally designed in 2005. This means that the cylinder is limited to a capacity of five shots at present in all Model 460 variants.

The Model 460 is built on an X-Frame (Extra large) made entriely from stainless steel. This is the same frame that had existed since the 2003 release of the Model 500 (also made from stainless steel) except that the Model 460 is (in its standard form) heavier than the Model 500, with less of the frame/barrel bored out (as the .500 S&W Magnum is larger than the .460 S&W Magnum).

The Model 460 is available in a variety of barrel lengths from 2.75in to 8.375in (with 0.25in steps in size built to order) with a removable partridge sight at the front and adjustable rear sight. The grips on the Model 460 are synthetic with all versions finished in satin stainless. 


The Model 460 was designed around the relatively new .460 S&W Magnum cartridge, one of the most powerful cartridges in production. Due to the large size of the .460 S&W Magnum cartidge, the cylinder is limited to holding five-shots rather than the more common six shots that more conventional, smaller caliber revolvers are capable of holding.


The Model 460 is most commonly referred to as one of its variants: the Model 460 XVR, which is the most tuned and most popular version of the Model 460. Other examples in the Model 460 range are:

  • Model 460 OD "Green Carry Combo" - A limited edition version of the Model 460 with different grips.
  • Model 460 ES "Emergency Survival Kit" - A version of the Model 460 targeted entirely at the hunting market with the ability to attach a strap.
  • Model 460 V - Available only with a 5in barrel and the first hint at the upcoming Smith & Wesson Performance Centre's Model 460 XVR.

Model 460 XVREdit

Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR 2

A customised version of the Model 460 XVR

The Model 460 XVR is the most popular version of the Model 460 and is marketed as the highest velocity production revolver, while its counterpart the Model 500 is marketed as the most powerful. The XVR stands for "X-treme Velocity Revolver" and is available only with a 8.375in barrel.

Model 460 XVR Compensated HunterEdit

The Smith & Wesson Performance Centre was unleashed on the Model 460 XVR, fitting a muzzle brake, sling swivel and 10.5in barrel. These modifications increased the Model 460's overall appeal to the hunting market.


The Model 460 is often marketed as the "highest velocity production revolver on earth", particularly the Model 460 XVR which Smith & Wesson claim needs an entirely new designation. Particularly favourable for hunting the .460 S&W Magnum cartridge has become a popular cartridge, boosting the Model 460 XVR's reputation as a reliable hunting weapon.

All versions of the Model 460 can be modified to virtually any specification by Smith & Wesson's Performance Centre. These modifications can range from fitting sights and bipods to exact fitting grips.