ASP 9mm Pistol
Country of origin

United States of America


Armament System and Procedures


Paris Theodore

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



Short Recoil, DA

Barrel length

82.5 mm (3.25 in)


680g (24oz)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

7 Rounds

The ASP was a handgun custom designed and made by Paris Theodore, the owner of Seventrees, Ltd. A custom Gun Leather shop located in New York from 1975 to 1987. The ASP was based upon the Smith & Wesson Model 39 Pistol. The ASP featured clear Lexan grips, a shorter slide over the Model 39, Fixed bushing, a ramped and throated shorter barrel, allowing the shooter to easily see the amount of ammunition left in the magazine, a rounded hammer/striker, a hooked trigger guard, and the lack of a front sight, instead using a unique "Guttersnipe" system, and a new smooth profile to ensure no risk of snagging on the draw. The ASP was responsible for later innovations made in the development of concealable handguns.

Specifications Edit

The fixed bushing was tightly fitted into the shortened barrel and dry-lubricated by Teflon-S, which was applied to all components of the pistol.

The unique sighting system, referred to as the "Guttersnipe" system. It had a narrowing "U-Channel" with fluorescent yellow panels that would form three triangles, all pointed at the target when the sight was properly aligned.

Checkering was kept to a minimum, and was only featured on the frontstrap and backstrap, as opposed to the grip panels, which where smooth to prevent the drawing hand from catching prematurely on draw, thereby minimizing the risk of any misalignment of the pistol during presentation, aiming, and firing.

The ASP was made in either right-handed or left-handed models, as the extended trigger guard(Which included a recurved hook for the index finger of the supporting hand—one of the earliest known instances of such a feature) was cut away on the side of the strong-sided hand (Which would depend on the handedness of the individual purchasing the weapon).

Included with the gun was a patented double magazine pouch which used a magnet to hold the spare magazines in place. The cost for the complete ASP modification package on a customer-supplied gun was $475. Production of Holsters and magazine carriers for the ASP 9 were contracted out to Ken Null who still produces those designs. Theodore ceased production of the ASP in 1987.

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