This M1 Garand has a sling. Most slings attach to the rifle at two points, somewhere across the barrel and the shoulder stock.

A sling is an attachment that is often used on shoulder-fired weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, submachine gun and General purpose machine guns. Another type of sling used on pistols attatched to holsters are known as Lanyards.


Slings are used to support the firearm when the shooter is not shooting. It is typically hung over the shoulder, and the sling pulled slightly so the firearm does not move too freely. They can also be used to help stabilize the firearm when shooting; the sling is wrapped around the forearm, allowing the shooter to pull the firearm's stock into the pocket of the shoulder, allowing for more stability. The shooter must be careful to not wrap the sling too tight, circulation will be cut off and stability will be compromised, negatively affecting accuracy.

Slings are also used for weapon retention in combat situations. It is much harder to take a weapon away from someone properly employing a weapon with a sling than someone who is not using a sling. Another known use of sling was to attach one to the rifle stock and the other to the users wrist.


Sling swivels are found on the weapon and come in different positions and forms. The best known positions are on the top or side as this allows a quicker draw in combat.


Side positionEdit

Usually worn across the chest or on shoulder. This is the most acceptable position for long patrols and allows a quick draw of the weapon in combat.

Front positionEdit

Usually worn across the chest or on shoulder. This is the best position for combat and patrols and allows a quick draw.


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