Sjögren inertia shotgun
Country of origin



AB Svenska Vapen- och Ammunitionsfabriken
Håndvåbenværkstederne Kjöbenhavn


Carl Axel Theodor Sjögren

Year(s) designed

Patents were issued in 1900, 1903 and 1905

Production began


Production ended


Number built

About 5000

Weapon type



12 gauge



Magazine/Cylinder capacity

5+1-round tube magazine

Used by


The Sjögren shotgun (pronounced hwo-grayn) is an early Swedish-Danish self-loading shotgun.


The shotgun was designed in the early 1900s by Carl Sjögren, who filed various patents for it in 1900, 1903 and 1905. Production started in 1908 and only lasted a year. It was initially manufactured by AB Svenska Vapen- och Ammunitionsfabriken in Sweden, but was then moved to be produced by Håndvåbenværkstederne Kjöbenhavn in Denmark for unknown reasons. Roughly 5000 were made in a span of a year. A rifle was also made in 7.63mm caliber using the same principles as the shotgun; it was sent to trials in the United Kingdom but found no market.

Design DetailsEdit

The shotgun uses an inertia-based recoil-operated system and was the first known weapon to do so. This system would later be revived over 80 years later by Benelli who would popularize this system when it was used in their M1, which would later be carried on and used in their M2, 3 and 4 shotguns. A unique feature of the Sjögren is that when the loading gate was pushed, the bolt would automatically close.


  • The Sjögren has sometimes been considered the first self-loading shotgun ever produced; however, many people believe that the Browning Auto-5 was the first self-loading shotgun, so this has been a matter of dispute for some.
  • The Sjögren is featured in the video game Battlefield 1.


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