Shield Magnum
Shield Magnum
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Andy Wooldridge

Weapon type

Single-shot pistol


.357 Magnum

Overall length

15.3in (387mm)

Barrel length

10.0in (254mm)


135.0oz (3.8kg)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

1 round

The Shield Magnum Long-Range Free Pistol was a target pistol designed by UK-based firearms company Shield Firearms Ltd.


This pistol was designed for the International Long Range Pistol Shooters' Association (ILRSPA) "Free Pistol B" competition. It was chambered for the .357 cartridge, and fired from an internal hammer. It is single-shot only. For the competition, it was outfitted with a Leopold M8 scope, offering 4x magnification.

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