Sedgley OSS .38
Country of origin

United States


Sedgley Company

Weapon type

Assassination pistol

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

.38 Special

The Sedgley OSS .38, also known as the Sedgley Glove Gun or Glove Pistol, is an American assassination last-ditch weapon.


The pistol was issued to the US Navy, and between 52 and 200 were made. It was packaged in a box with wax paper protecting the weapon, and were issued singly and not with another glove.

Design DetailsEdit

The weapon is a break-barrel single-shot pistol chambered in .38 Special mounted on a cowhide glove. A plunger is situated at the front of the weapon and acts as the trigger; punching someone would cause the plunger to depress and fire the shot.


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