Section Five Ltd MAC-10
Section Five MAC-10
Country of origin

Great Britain


Section Five Firearms Ltd., Tunbridge Wells, UK

Year(s) designed


Weapon type

Submachine gun


9mm Parabellum



Magazine/Cylinder capacity

32 rounds

The Section Five MAC-10 was a copy of the Ingram MAC-10 submachine gun manufactured by UK-based firearms company Section Five Firearms Ltd.


The Section Five MAC-10 was mostly identical to the Ingram model, but with an Uzi's pistol grip and magazine well. It accepted double-stacked Uzi magazines rather than MAC-10 magazines and fired only in semi-automatic mode from a closed bolt. Production of Section Five MAC-10s started in the late 1970's. Many Section Five MAC-10s were obtained by criminals, some of which even modified them to fire fully-automatic. Although Section Five Firearms is no longer operational and production of these submachine guns has ceased, many are still being confiscated by police in the UK.

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