The Sauer M30, also known as the M30 Luftwaffe drilling, Drilling M30 or the Luftwaffedrilling, is a Nazi German "drilling" combination gun.


Little is known about the actual development of the M30, but it can be assumed that it was developed for use as a survival weapon in the Luftwaffe.

During World War II, it was used for exactly that; in the event that a pilot got shot down by enemy fire, the rifle could be used as a tool for hunting game and for self-defense against enemies until they got rescued, although it wasn't too much help in the latter field.

Only 2,456 were built over a span of two years. Due to it being relatively rare, the M30 can fetch a rather high price at firearms auctions.

Design DetailsEdit

The M30 is a combination gun of the drilling type, in which a rifle barrel is placed underneath two shotgun barrels. The weapon is of the break-action type, similar to most double barreled shotguns.

The M30 has two triggers and a sliding selector behind the break-open lever. When the selector is in the forward position, the 100m V-notch rear sight is raised, and the front trigger fires the rifle barrel, while the rear trigger fires the left shotgun barrel. Sliding the selector back retracts the rear sight and makes the front trigger fire the right shotgun barrel.


The M30 held a 9.3×74mmR round in the bottom barrel and a 12 gauge shell in the top two. The top left barrel is choked for Brenneke slugs, while the top right barrel is choked for birdshot.


  • The Sauer M30 is featured in Sniper Elite 4.
  • The Sauer M30 is featured in Call of Duty: WWII. "The Triple" variant turns it into the TP-82 survival gun.

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