Country of origin

Russian Federation


V.N. Lobaev

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended

Still in production

Weapon type

Sniper rifle


Bolt action

Overall length

Depends on the particular rifle

Barrel length

Depends on the particular rifle


Depends on the particular rifle

Magazine/Cylinder capacity
  • Single-shot,
  • 5-round detachable box magazine
Cyclic rate

Depends on the particular rifle

Maximum effective range

Depends on the particular rifle

Muzzle velocity

Depends on the particular rifle

SVL or "Lobaev sniper rifle" is a family of Russian modern sniper rifles.


The rifle is not represented in a single fixed model. Caliber of rifles and other characteristics vary, depending on the customer's wishes. There are two main classes of Lobaev sniper rifles: SVL and OVL (Lobaev Hunting Rifle, that is available for civil customers). Rifles feature extremely high accuracy in the order of 0.1-0.3 (MOA), depending on caliber, barrel length etc. This rifle is one of the most accurate and long-range in the world.


The rifles are produced by a private company LLC "Tsar-Pushka" (Vladislav Lobaev is the owner) on equipment imported from the U.S. Production was located in Tarusa.

In September 2010, the company moved to the United Arab Emirates. Reason - a conflict of interests with the IZHMASH.


  • OVL is availible for civil customers.
  • SVL is used by the FSB, FSO and UAE army.

Interesting factEdit

Vladislav Lobaev made a presentation video of his SVL .408 Chey Tac, in which he hit soldier-type target three times, at the distance of... attention: 2306 meters!


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