SV 98
Country of origin

Russian Federation



Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended

Still in production

Weapon type

Sniper rifle


Bolt action

Overall length

1270 mm

Barrel length

650 mm


6.2 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

10-round detachable box magazine

Maximum effective range

1500 m

The SV-98 is a Russian bolt action sniper rifle, chambered with 7.62x54R round, developed by the IZHMASH. The rifle was designed in 1998 by a group of IZHMASH designers, led by Vladimir Stronsky and serially produced by the "Izhmash" Concern.


SV-98 rifle is based on the design of the "Record-CISM» sporting rifle. It has an adjustable lodge of a strong dark green aviation plywood, fixed buttstock with adjustable stops, cheek and stock shock-absorber, and a telescopic bipod. Heavy barrel of SV-98 is made of stainless steel by cold forging technology and bracketly hung (does not apply to the lodge). The bolt-slide, swivel, with three symmetrically arranged lugs. As the rifle is bolt-action, it allows only single shots, and manually reloaded. The rifle is fed ​​from a 10-round detachable box magazine, which has marked holes on the left side, so the sniper always knows the amount of the available ammo. The trigger mechanism with a variable torque (1.5-2 kg/cm). Rifle has a non-automatic safe-fire mode selector. The rifle has open sights - front sight in under the cover and adjustable rear sight. Regular optical sight is the 7x PKS-07 optical sight with an illuminated reticle or the 3-10x variable multiplicity 1P69 "Giperon" optical sight, regular night sight is 1PN113. Other optical and night sights, including imported ones, can be also used. Also, the SV-98 can be equipped with a tactical silencer TGP-B.

Combat efficiencyEdit

The rifle has very high accuracy, good stability of accuracy of hits. At a distance of 300 m it shoots groups of 10 shots each in a circle with a diameter of 55 mm. Experienced sniper can hit the soldier-type target with the first shot at the distance of 1200 meters.


  • SV-98M-338 - a rifle variant, chambered with .338 Lapua Magnum round, designed in 2000.
  • KO-13 "Record" - a rifle variant for civil market, chambered with 7.62x54R or 7.62x51mm, designed in 2010.