Country of origin



Heckler & Koch

Weapon type

Semi-Auto Rifle


.223 Remington, 5.56x45mm NATO


Gas operated, short stroke piston, rotary locking bolt

Overall length

38.58 in. (980mm)

Barrel length

20.08 in. (510mm)


8.60 pounds (3.9 kg) with magazine

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

10-round single column and 30-round double column, detachable polymer box magazine

The Heckler & Koch SL8 is a sporting rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is the civilian version of the Heckler & Koch G36.

The rifle fires the .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and feeds from a 10, 20 or 30 round detachable magazine (depending on the variant of the rifle). Unlike earlier types of HK rifles, it is not a roller lock bolt but rather a lug type rotating bolt system as seen on the AR-18. The SL8 was originally developed for the German Bundeswehr, to provide a weapon for training reservists similar to the G36 and able to be provided to reserve organizations not able to provide military grade armaments.

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