Daewoo/S&T Motiv
Country of Origin

South Korea


Busan, South Korea

Year of Founding


Owner(s)/Parent Company

S&T Holdings

Key People

Tae Kwon-kim

Famous Firearms

K1, K2, USAS-12

Area(s) served


S&T Motiv Co., LTD, formerly known as Daewoo Precision Industries, is a South Korean small arms and auto parts manufacturer founded in 1981.


Daewoo Precision Industries was founded as a subsidiary of Daewoo in to produce weaponry for the frontline forces of South Korea. As its parent company, Daewoo collapsed, it was spun off in 2002, but most of its shares where bought by S&T Holdings just four years later. It was renamed to S&T Daewoo, but later renamed to S&T Motiv.


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