Ruger LCP
Ruger LCP
Country of origin



Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.380 ACP


Short recoil

Overall length

131mm (5.2in)

Barrel length

70mm (2.8in)


270g (9.4oz)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

Six round box magazine, Seven round box magazine

The Ruger Lightweight Compact Pistol (LCP) is a 270g (9.4oz) pocket pistol, released by Sturm, Ruger & Co. in 2008. Various modifications have been made to the LCP since its release to open it up to other markets and fit in to standard market regulations.

Design DetailsEdit

The extremely low weight of the LCP exists due to the use of a nylon frame (filled with glass) and blued steel slide. Furthermore the grip is only big enough for two fingers which, although makes the LCP a difficult gun to grip properly, means that the LCP can be concealed and drawn easily.

The LCP uses features seen on the Kel-Tec P-3AT, such as the same breech-locking mechanism and similar lightweight hammer and tension spring system. Further features are taken from Glock, most notably the extractor and external slide stop.

The LCP uses a short recoil action, as well as 6 round box magazine. From 2013 LCPs would also be fitted with a 7 round box magazine.

Canadian VersionEdit

Informally known as the 'Canadian' LCP, a 106mm (4.2in) barrel was fitted to the LCP from 2011 for sale in Canada, where the barrel length must exceed 105mm. Since this point the 4.2in barrel LCP has been a regular production gun for Ruger in the US and Canada.


The Ruger LCP is, at present, only avaliable chambered to fire the .380 ACP round. These rounds are shot from either a six round box magazine or from 2013 a seven round box magazine.


The Ruger LCP was announced at the 2008 SHOT Show. The LCP was Ruger's first real venture into the concealed weapon market, intended for sale to the police as a side-arm for personal defence. Several LCPs were recalled following safety concerns in late october 2008, when it was found that the LCP could fire when dropped on a hard surface.

The LCP was, perhaps most famously, used by Texas Governor Rick Perry to shoot a coyote during a morning jog in Austin in 2010. Used to defend his daughter and dog from the coyote, Ruger recognised this feat by releasing a special edition of the LCP named the LCP 'Coyote Special'


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