Royal Double Rifle
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Holland & Holland

Weapon type




Barrel length


Magazine/Cylinder capacity


The Holland & Holland Royal Double Rifle is a hammerless double rifle manufactured by the British firm Holland & Holland.


The famous British gun maker Holland & Holland has been manufacturing fine (and extremely expensive) rifles and shotguns for over 150 years. The company is famous for it's double barrel rifles. To this day a client who desires a Holland & Holland "Double" will be measured for his/her rifle and then will wait for over a year for it to be made and delivered. With the current exchange rate between the American Dollar and the British Pound the typical Holland & Holland will cost a minimum of $70,000 for an American shooter. Depending on the caliber and other features the cost can go as high as $200,000! Obviously, purchasing a Holland & Holland is not a cheap venture. Secondhand Holland & Hollands can command prices just as high. The company will manufacture a Double in almost any caliber that the customer wants. Barrel lengths can be had from 23 inches to 30 inches. Not surprisingly most customers order a Double in the big Nitro Express calibers. Recently an American gunwriter visited the factory in England and was informed that .375 H&H Magnum, .470 Nitro, .500 Nitro, .577 Nitro and .600 Nitro were the most popular calibers. It is suspected that for every customer who actually takes his H&H Double into the field there are two or three more who simply have their Double for display and/or an investment. Despite the astronomical prices involved the Holland & Holland Doubles are very rugged and dependable rifles.

Design DetailsEdit


Back-action and bolstered, hand-detachable sidelock design. Two triggers - the front hinged, extended top strap, with a manual or automatic safety.


22" to 26", chopper-lump, with traditional sling loop, wide-V rearsight with one folding leaf, combined moon-protector foresight, regulated to stipulated range and bullet weight.


Selected walnut, polished and oiled finished to the individual's measurements, with pistol grip and a cap box for spare foresight, cheekpiece, recoil pad, with an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest.


Traditional 'Royal' scroll engraving pattern; colour-hardened or bright finish, the rifle's serial number engraved or inlaid in gold.



  • For a common hunter or shooter the firearm is almost impossible to buy, because of it's extremely high price.
  • Like the other Holland & Holland rifles and shotguns the firearm is hand-made.

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