Ribeyrolle 1918
Country of origin


Weapon type

Automatic Rifle/Light Machine Gun


8x35mm Ribeyrolle



Overall length


Barrel length


Weight empty


Magazine/Cylinder capacity

25 round magazine

Cyclic rate


Maximum effective range


The Ribeyrolles 1918 was an attempt to manufacture an automatic rifle for the French forces. It was chambered in the experimental 8×35 mm round, used straight blowback, was fed from a 25 round magazine and had an effective range of 400m. The cartridge, arguably the first purpose-built intermediate cartridge, was obtained by necking it down the .351 Winchester Self-Loading. Another source indicates that it was chambered in a cartridge designated 8×32 mmSR.

Its official name was Carabine Mitrailleuse 1918 (Machine Carbine 1918 in English); in a 2007 book it appears as "fusil automatique Ribeyrolles 1918". The Ribeyrolles had the distinction of being fitted with a lightweight bipod on the front (which would be meant to be used as a support weapon for a group of soldiers) and a rifle bayonet identical to that of Berthier Model 1907/15.

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