Rexer light machine gun
Country of origin

United Kingdom/Denmark


Rexer Machine Company

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type

Light machine gun


.303 British

Overall length


Weight empty


The Rexer was a light machine gun manufactured by the Rexer Machine Company.


The Rexer was a copy of the Danish Madsen light machine gun made under license from Dansk Syndikat. It was manufactured from 1905 to 1910; legal difficulties forced Rexer to close their doors after only 5 years of production. During that time, the Rexer company managed to sell Rexer machine guns to Natal, South Africa, and India. Rexer machine guns were used extensively during the Natal Rebellion of 1906 by government and police forces. The main difference between the Madsen and the Rexer was the stock shape, and in some cases Rexer machine guns completely lacked stocks at all.

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