Mowhawk 600

Mowhawk 600

Description: Bolt Action Rifle made by Remington.

  • Introduction Year: 1972
  • Year Discontinued: 1979
  • Total Production: Approximately: 97,594
  • Designer/Inventor: Research & Development
  • Action Type: Bolt Action
  • Caliber/Gauge: .222 Remington, .243 Win., 6mm Remington, .308 Win
  • Serial Number Blocks: Starting: N/A
  • Ending: N/A
    1. of Grades Offered: N/A
  • Variations: N/A

The Remington Mohawk 600 is a short barrelled rifle that is designed for hunting, not shooting off the bench. The short and thin barrel makes this gun ideal for hunting in thick brush or for younger hunters to carry. Accuracy is best with first shots when the barrel is cool. Repeated shots, such as those of the shooting bench for target practice, tend to cause the accuracy to lessen as the barrel heats up very quickly. There was a recall on some early models for the trigger lock mechanism. The recall impacts all Mohawk 600 riflers that do not have an "A" preceding the serial number. You can tell if the rifle was repaired if there is a raised letter "V" on the left side of the trigger.

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