Remington 788

Model 788 Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle

The Remington Model 788 is an inexpensive yet accurate hunting rifle developed by the Remington Arms Company to compete with other gun companies' less expensive rifles and marketed alongside their more expensive Model 700 line. The 788 utilizes a single-column detachable magazine holding 3 rounds. A .22 rimfire model was also produced known as the 580, 581, or 582 depending on its method of feed. A target version of the .22 caliber 58x series, the 540X, was used by the US Military as a training rifle and later disposed through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

The distinguishing feature of the 788 is its rear-lugged bolt. The bolt has 9 lugs in three rows of three lugs each. They lock into the receiver behind the magazine well. Because of this design, the bolt handle lifts only 60 degrees on opening giving more clearance for scopes compared to the 90 degrees required for the Model 700 and other two-lugged bolts. The distance the bolt travels rearward is also reduced because of the rear lugs. Finally, the diameter of the receiver is smaller making the receiver stiffer and potentially more accurate.

The 788 was made in many calibers up to the length of the 6mm Remington. Magazines in this caliber are extremely rare. Most common calibers encountered are .308 and .243, but less common bolt-action calibers are available such as .30-30 Winchester and .44 magnum. These rifles differed slightly in the design of the magazine and the bolt. The front of these bolts did not rotate.

Remington made extensive use of 'screw-machines' in the manufacture of this rifle. Because of the advent of CNC Machines which could make more complex rifles as cheaply, the 788 was discontinued in the 1980s. In its used form, the 788 retains a strong following amongst benchrest shooters and hunters alike for its low cost and accuracy.

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