Remington Model 552 Speedmaster
Remington Model 552 "Speedmaster"
Country of origin

United States


Remington Arms


L.R. Crittendon, E.W. Hailston

Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.22 short, .22 long, .22 Long Rifle



Overall length

40in (1.00m)

Barrel length

22in (0.56m)


5.75lb (2.60kg)

The Remington Model 552 "Speedmaster" is a semi-automatic.22 calibre, rifle manufactured by Remington Arms since 1957. The Speedmaster, as it is popularly known, has obtained its name from its semi-automatic action.

Design DetailsEdit

The Speedmaster's most known feature is its semi-automatic action, while the more interesting feature of the Speedmaster is the low profile bolt handle and slender receiver, located on the left-side, give the Speedmaster a more unusual appearance (to other Remington rifles). The receiver is also grooved to allow a scope to be mounted to the Speedmaster for better accuracy and aiming.

The Speedmaster is fitted with a safety located on the trigger guard, which locks the bolt in position to prevent it from moving. The stock is manufactured from walnut with a high gloss finishing and the fore-end is given a chequered pattern. The 21in barrel is rifled to the optimum 1:16in rifling ratio (that the .22 Long Rifle round works with) and is finished in blued carbon steel to counter the walnut finish of the stock.


The Speedmaster, as alluded to earlier, fires the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. Furthermore, any Speedmaster rifle can fire any .22 calibre bullet, such as the .22 Long or .22 Short, without any modifications needing to be made to it. The Speedmaster is fed via a tubular magazine.


The Remington Model 552 "Speedmaster" is part of a pair of .22 calibre rifles manufactured by Remington Arms. Its counterpart, the Remington Model 572 "Fieldmaster" is a pump-action rifle and both are popular among "varmiters" (the sport of shooting rodents with small calibre rifles). The Speedmaster is also popular for small game hunting, with the ability to mount scopes and the adjustable iron sights being popular options. 

At present the Speedmaster is marketed as the Model 552 BDL "Speedmaster", following the end of the Speedmaster's original production in 1988. In 1966 a special 150th anniversary version of the Speedmaster was produced to celebrate Remington Arms 150th anniversary. The 150th anniversary version of the Speedmaster features unique stamping around the left side of the receiver


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