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Model 33 Description: Single Shot Bolt Action made by Remington.

  • Introduction Year: 1932
  • Year Discontinued: 1935
  • Total Production: Approximately: 263,550
  • Designer/Inventor: C.C. Loomis
  • Action Type: Single Shot Bolt Action
  • Caliber/Gauge: .22 rimfire, .22 shot cartridges (for smoothbore barrel)
  • Serial Number Blocks: Starting: 00001
  • Ending: 263600
  • Grades Offered: 33A Standard
  • 33A Lyman rear peep sight
  • 33P peep sight
  • 33 N.R.A. Junior Target
  • Variations: Model 33 Smooth Bore

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Serial numbers started halfway through the life of the gun, and started at 50,000

There also was no difference from the 33a peep and the 33P target, they both are the same gun, just a regular 33 with a peep.

The first model was called just the 33, and didn't have fingergrooves. This was the first bolt action ever made by Remington and is what is collectable. Then it changed and they referred to them as 33a, which isn't as sought after by collectors as it is thought of as the 2nd bolt action since it was a different stock, the bolt went from straight to swept back, ect. There is also a 33 NRA Junior. There are 4-6 variations of the bolt, 2 of the trigger and sear, 2 of the sights, and 2 stock variations.

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