1100 classicfield-1-
Remington 1100
Country of origin

United States


Remington Arms

Production began


Weapon type



12 gauge
16 gauge
20 gauge
28 gauge
410 bore

Overall length

Varies with model

Barrel length

18 (460 mm)
30 (760 mm)


3.6 kg

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

4 rounds

Cyclic rate


The Remington 1100 is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun, popular among waterfowlers and clay target shooters.

History Edit

Designed by Wayne Leek[1], the Remington model 1100 was introduced in 1963 as a successor to John Browning's Auto-5. All models of the 1100 are gas operated [2], with a mechanism that noticeably reduces recoil.[3]. The 1100 is still in production as of 2007, and is the best selling selfloading shotgun in U.S. history.[4]

Model Introduction Edit

Several parts of the 1100 are interchangeable with other Remington shotguns model 870 and 11-87.

Uses in Trap and Skeet Shooting Edit


Remington 1100 tactical shotgun with a high-capacity magazine

When it was introduced in 1963, the Remington 1100 was an immediate success with Skeet shooting shooters in particular. The action of the model 1100 was particularly popular, as it reduced felt recoil.

The 1100 is also a popular trap shooting gun, special versions with high ribs and Monte Carlo stocks are available. As with other semi automatic shotguns a shell catcher can be used to avoid spent shells hitting others on the squad when shooting trap shooting.

The reduced recoil of the Remington 1100 makes it popular with first time, smaller framed and women Skeet shooting shooters.


In MediaEdit

In the 1998 PlayStation One video game Resident Evil 2, the player could quickly find a weapon or two called the "Remington M1100-P" that, when paired with a certain equipment later found, would change one of them into the full Remington Model 1100. The P-variant found at first appears to be more of a Mossberg M500, and the physical changes made seem very difficult and unlikely.

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