Remington Model 1858
Country of origin

United States


Remington Arms


Fordyce Beal

Year(s) designed


Production began


Production ended


Weapon type



.31/.32 rimfire (Converted)
.36/.38 centrefire/rimfire (Converted)
.44/.46 rimfire (Converted)


Percussion lock

Overall length

13.25in (335mm)

Barrel length

8.0in (205mm)


2.8lb (1.27kg)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity


Used by

United States, Confederate States of America, Empire of Japan, France, Mexico, Native Americans, Russian Empire, United Kingdom

In 1858 Remington Arms launched its new cap and ball revolver on the market, the 1858 quickly grew popular, many preferred it over Colt's revolvers, the gun came just in time for the American cival war in 1861, many soldiers soon saw its advantage over Colt revolvers, Union soldiers got their 1858's through standard issue and the Confederates obtain theirs from the best way they could, the Union told Remington to deliver as many 1858's it could make, at the end of the war soldiers were offered to buy their Remington's, one soldier who bought his was William buffalo bill cody, he loved his Remington so much that he claimed his 1858 had never failed him, towards the end of the 1860s the era of the old cap and ball pistols were slowly coming to an end, Smith and Wesson already were making many metallic cartridge firing revolvers, around in 1868 a number of Remington old cap and ball pistols were converted to fire metallic cartridges in 46 rimfire, many 1858's saw action in the wild west both in its old cap and ball and cartridge versions, production ending in around 1875 to make way for the Remington 1875.

Remington 1858's are still being made today by Uberti.

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