Country of origin




Production began


Weapon type

Anti-materiel rifle


20x110 Hispano


bolt-action, gas counter-recoil system

Overall length

1330 mm


19.2 kg (with scope and bipod)

Magazine/Cylinder capacity

single shot, manual reload

Cyclic rate

single shots

Maximum effective range

over 1800 m

The RT-20 (meaning Rucni Top 20.) is considered one of the most powerful firearms designed for personal shooting. RT-20 is translated from Croatian as "hand cannon" and 20 stands for the caliber in millimeters.

Developed in Croatia in the middle of the 1990`s, the RT-20 was designed as an anti-materiel and anti-armor long-range rifle. It is currently manufactured by the RH-Alan company. The RT-20 had seen some action in the Balkan conflicts since then, and is officially used by the Croatian army.

The RT-20 is single-shot bolt-action rifle. It is built in a bullpup configuration. The overall construction of RT-20 is relatively simple, but features a curious solution to work around the recoil of 20x110 Hispano rounds used in it.

The RT-20 utilises a reactive counter-recoil tube located above the barrel. The tube is opened into a reactive nozzle on the rear end above shooter`s shoulder which is also connected to the barrel on the front end in the middle section of barrel. While shooting, a portion of the resulting gasses pass through the recoil tube and out of reactive nozzle, dampening the recoil.

A massive muzzle brake further dampens the recoil, making it tolerable for shooting. The RT-20 has no iron sights and is outfitted with telescopic sight offset to the left.

RT-20 has a very long effective range of about 1800 meters and a high terminal effectiveness. Among others, the most prominent disadvantage is the backblast, similar to the RPG-7.


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