The RPG-30 Kryuk (Cyrillic: Крюк, lit. "hook") is a Russian rocket launcher.


The RPG-30 was unveiled in 2008 by Bazalt as a modern anti-tank grenade launcher designed to address the challenge of reactive armor and active protection systems (APS) on tanks, which destroy missiles prematurely before they hit their target.

Design DetailsEdit

The RPG-30 looks similar to previous RPG designs. However, it is unusual in that it has two barrels, both of different sizes. The bigger barrel houses the 105mm warhead, while the smaller barrel houses a smaller precursor round. As the RPG-30 is meant to combat APS systems on modern tanks, when the RPG-30 is fired, the precursor round is fired first and acts as a decoy. This tricks the APS into activating and destroying the precursor round. As the APS is not ready to activate until about 0.2 – 0.4 seconds later, this allows the main round to hit the target successfully.


The RPG-30 uses the PG-30 round, a 105mm shaped warhead. The round has a stated penetration capability in excess of 600 millimeters (23.6 inches) of rolled homogeneous armor, 1500 millimeters (59.1 inches) of reinforced concrete, 2000 millimeters (78.7 inches) of brick or 3700 millimeters (145.7 inches) of reinforced log and earth fortifications.